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In June 2007 the Federal Government and the Heads of Government of the Länder agreed on the Establishment of a Joint Science Conference (Gemeinsame Wissenschaftskonferenz – GWK). Based on Article 91b Basic Law the Joint Science Conference was established by a formal Agreement in September 2007 and started operation on 1. January 2008.

Ministers and Senators of the Federal Government and the Länder responsible for science and research as well as for finance are Members of the Joint Science Conference.

The Conference deals with all questions of research funding, science and research policy strategies and the science system which jointly affect the Federal Government and the Länder. Whilst preserving their own competences, the members of the GWK strive for close coordination on questions of common interest in the field of national, european and international science and research policy with the aim of strengthening Germany’s position as a location for science and research in the international competition.

The members of the Joint Science Conference cooperate on the basis of agreements in cases of supraregional importance in the promotion of sciences, research and teaching. Agreements primarily affecting institutions of higher education shall require the consent of all the Länder. This provision shall not apply to agreements regarding the construction of research facilities, including large scientific installations.


Agreement on the Establishment of a Joint Science Conference (GWK Agreement) of 11 September 2007 PDF-File

GWK-Book 24: Equal Opportunities in Science and Research, 15. Update to the Data (2009/2010) on Women in Higher Education Institutions and Non-academic Research Establishments, Bonn 2011 PDF-File


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